Monday, January 28, 2008

Best Days of my Life

So I thought since everyone else has one of these I would start one, just to let everyone know what all was going on in the Married Life of Charlie and Amy Lawson, as well as post some of our wedding pictures.

Jan 4th was a blistery rainy beautiful wonderful day. We got married. Despite the cold and constant rain, everyone was able to make it to the church on time and in one piece. We got married at the LDS Church I grew up going to. It was a small and intimate group of our families and friends. We then celebrated by going to pizza at the local round table. Our reception was later that night at the beautiful home of family friends the Cortopassi's. My mom and who ever helped her did an amazing job on the decor and really making it such a special day for us.

We just had our 3 week anniversary. I know it sounds silly. I think I am more in love with Charlie today than I was on the day we got married, something about living with that one person, getting to know EVERYTHING about them all the little things that you didn't know before. It has been amazing. We love our little home but are both struggling to love our jobs. It is sad that so much of life is centered around money.

Well we hope this finds everyone well and happy.