Sunday, March 30, 2008

People Suck! I wanted to Slap the Lady and take her Baby

So, I worked today at my part time job at the Arden Fair Mall. A co-workers Grandma is in the hospital and is dying so I thought I would help her out and work her shift for her. I work at Crabtree and Evelyn and we have a little store. A women came in with her four children, 16 yr old male, 12 yr old male, 8 yr old female and 2 yr old male in a stroller. My co-worker Diana started talking to the lady as normal and I started talking to the baby and little girl. The two boys went off in the other direction and I thought the oldest one had left the store. The middle boy was over in the corner looking at our sleepwear, didn't really think much of it, but as I turned back towards the mother and other two children I heard our backroom door close. I turn and now the older boy is in the store and the only place he could have come from is our backroom, but by the time I put all of this together the family is leaving the store and I say to Diana that I think he was back there. I think because I did not see. She runs to the backroom and her wallet is open and she is missing her cash, I then look at mine and so am I so run out and watch them go into Nordstroms while Diana calls security (which by the way is a JOKE!). I stay back thinking I don't have any authority to do anything, following them but waiting for the mall security. I follow them outside of Nordstroms and around the back of JCPenneys towards Macy's when the security guards find me. I tell them want happened and the one on the bike is right behind them. I say that is them but he doesn't do anything. The family enters into Macy's and the security just sits there. What are you waiting for, that is them. They (the GREAT mall security) can't go into Macy's because they don't have jurisdiction. Macy's Loss Prevention has to invite them in, which takes a good five minutes. So the jerks got our money and they can't do anything about it. The cops show up go into Macy's but can't find a family of five that fits my description because the mother has ditched the stroller and decided to split up. All in all, I am out $66 and Diana is out almost $200. WHO teaches their children to do this? WHO thought it was okay to make your children thieves? WHY do we have mall security if they CAN'T do anything? I want to find this mother and slap her across her face, have her children taken away from her and her ovaries taken out so she can NEVER again bare children. People suck. I hate the world we live in today. I am scared to have children because they will have to interact with these children, they will be faced with these kinds of people. What happened to getting up and going to a REAL job to earn money for your family. WHY would you think it is okay to steal from people who are probably struggling more than you are. WHO have TWO jobs for a reason. Is there anywhere in the world that is safe to try and raise a family?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tag, I'm it.

10 Years ago...I was 18 and finishing my first finials at Ricks College in Idaho. I thought I knew what life was going to be like and felt like I would be married with in two years....HA! Realized that Idaho is the COLDEST place on earth during the winter and that your nose hairs really can freeze. Learned what it was like to on your own.

5 Places I have lived...1. Antelope, CA 2. Sacramento, CA 3. Orem, UT 4. Rexburg, ID 5. Vallejo, CA

5 Things on my to do list today...1. Sit here bored at work 2. Have dinner with Charlie 3. Go to Accupunture appointment 4. Make Babies (is this better Chad?) 5. Go grocery Shopping. I know I have a hard life.

5 Jobs I've had...1. Albertsons 2. Lowe's 3. Wells Fargo 4. Potter-Taylor 5. Brown Stevens

10 Years from now...I want to have at least three kids, own a home and be out of debt, and still happily married to my wonderful husband.

I tag anyone who wants to do this .