Monday, January 26, 2009


Long time no write. So I had a really good Christmas with my family in Utah sans the husband. It was cold and reminded me that I will probably never live there again, but I had a lot of fun with the nieces and nephews, it was fun to watch them open there presents and help them play with their new toys.

Charlie and I's NEW YEARS EVE was very quite. He left for work around 9:20 and I went to bed right after that. We are so exciting.
My pregnancy is going better, somewhat. I have learned that I have gestational diabetes and toxemia. So I am going to a class for the diabetes and the only cure for toxemia is delivery so I just have to watch my blood pressure and not let stress get to me. Which is always easier said than done, right.

I have included a few recent prego pictures for your viewing pleassure. Of course I think I just look fat, but hope you enjoy them.