Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lots O Pictures

I don't really have time to write a lot but thought I would throw up some recent pictures for all of you that care.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sleeping through the Night

We have been super lucky with Sydnee. She is really a good baby. She cries when she is hungry or Mad at us, which sometimes happens. But most the time she is happy. She has just started to "talk". She loves her mobile and will just stare up at her friends and chat. It is so funny. Also she has been sleeping through the night in her own bed in her own room for about three weeks now, minus the time in Vegas, all though she still slept through the night. I had been putting her in there for her naps during the day and then one night decided it was time to try. She slept for 9 hours and now averages about the 9-10 each night. I guess Heavenly Father realized how hard pregnancy was on me He wanted to give me a break with her as a baby. Although I have a feeling I will get back what I gave in her teenage years. Pay back is a &;*$@^, right mom? Not that my mom would EVER say those words. She would just say I am getting what I deserve.

Vegas with a BABY!!

We really haven't been that busy but we did just get back from Vegas. Charlie and I hadn't taken a Honeymoon so my dad got us a room at Tahiti Village which is just down from the action on the strip. We were there for a whole week and had a great time. We finally made it to the strip on Friday night and drove home on Saturday. On Tuesday we went to the Hoover Dam. It was hott but was still pretty cool to see the new bridge they are building and to see to dam its self. Sydnee was NOT a fan of the heat but did pretty well over all. For the rest of the time we just lounged around the pool and my husband actually got in the water with us. Sydnee wasn't too sure of the whole pool thing. She would fall asleep as soon as I put her suit on and wake up as soon as we got back to the room. Stinker. Thursday, my best friend Amber's little girl Brooke, graduated from Kindergarten. It was nice to be there for her big day. The kids just loved the baby and wanted to hold her all the time. Aubree, Amber's youngest (almost 2), was so fascinated with Syd. She just wanted to look at her and touch her and talk to her. She was quite the chatter box. We had a great time, thanks mom and dad.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


for more pictures like this click my lips.

Visit with Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma

So a few weekends ago my Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Janet came to meet Sydnee and to congratulate Chad on graduating from Law School. My Grandpa hasn't been doing too well lately and so every we see him could be the last (but truthfully it could be that way for all of us), anyway so we made sure to get some pictures with them and the two great-grand kids they have in sacramento. My grandparents together have 6 kids, 21 grandkids and soon to be 29 great-grandkids. But if you count everyone, it would be 8 kids, 27 grandkids. Anyway here are a few pictures from that day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am really not that good at posting new blogs as you can tell from the past and now that Syd is here I feel like I don't have any time to do anything. I know you mom's with three kids and two dogs, with soccer and dance are thinking I am a wimp and should have no excuses. All I can say is...You are amazing and I am not! Anyway I have uploaded some new pictures but am too lazy to take the time to post em here and so I include a link to my flickr here.

Also I had a friend do a photo shoot for Easter and here is the link.

We went to the doctor yesterday and she weighed 7lbs 3oz. She sure is growing fast.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sydnee Grace Onai

Here she is. She came Friday night at 8:23 after a C-section. My water broke around 4:30 that afternoon and I wasn't having any contractions. She had been in the breech position for the last three weeks so they took her c-section. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. She weighed 4 lbs 15 oz and they wisked her away to the special care nursery. I didn't get to see her until about 1 Saturday morning. Charlie had gone back and forth between her and I and took the first pictures of her.

They brought her in to me and we tried breastfeeding but she was too tired. We were really lucky to have her stay with us in the room and because I had a c-section I had my own room. She weighed 4 lbs 12.5 oz at 24 hrs old and then 4lbs 10.6oz today before we left. She is tiny but very strong. She has good control over her neck and head and loves to kicked you and straighten her little bird legs.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Something New for You

First for me, I was tagged by Katie

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. Bones
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. My First Place
4. House Hunters
5. CSI
6. One Tree Hill
7. Property Virgins

8 Things i did yesterday
1. Slept
2. Ate In-n-Out
3. Slept
4. Had Contractions
5. Took a really long shower, I wish I had a nice big bath tub
6. Slept
7. Gave myself insilin shots
8. Slept a lot

8 Things I look forward to
1. Getting over this cold
2. Having Sydnee
3. Charlie getting a new job
4. Getting my PI settlement
5. Buying a house
6. Not being pregnant
7. Not being sick and pregnant
8. Being well

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Rubio's
2. 524 Mexican Grill
3. Round Table
4. In-n-Out
5. Macoroni Grill
6. Olive Garden
7. Chili's
8. TGIFridays

8 Things on my Wish List
1. To Get better soon
2. Have a healthy baby girl
3. Own our own home
4. Go on our Honeymoon
5. To be a good MOM
6. Lose the baby weight quickly
7. Have No Debt
8. Travel

8 People I tag
1. Kari
2. Tausha
3. Julia
4. Amber
5. April
6. Krista
7. Kristy
8. Amberly

Monday, January 26, 2009


Long time no write. So I had a really good Christmas with my family in Utah sans the husband. It was cold and reminded me that I will probably never live there again, but I had a lot of fun with the nieces and nephews, it was fun to watch them open there presents and help them play with their new toys.

Charlie and I's NEW YEARS EVE was very quite. He left for work around 9:20 and I went to bed right after that. We are so exciting.
My pregnancy is going better, somewhat. I have learned that I have gestational diabetes and toxemia. So I am going to a class for the diabetes and the only cure for toxemia is delivery so I just have to watch my blood pressure and not let stress get to me. Which is always easier said than done, right.

I have included a few recent prego pictures for your viewing pleassure. Of course I think I just look fat, but hope you enjoy them.