Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I know for most of you this is no big deal, but for me it is huge. I used to cook a little bit when I was in college and then a bit more if I was trying to impress a guy but honestly I haven't cooked anything in a really long time. So Charlie and I are trying to eat better and not eat out so much. We went grocery shopping on Friday and spent a good chunk of money. Saturday I got up and went down to spend sometime with my parents and nephew Hooch. We went for a long walk and then I went through some of my dads magazines to find easy recipes. One that sounded good was this Chicken Cacciatore dish. I thought it didn't sound so hard so this is what I got.Charlie seemed to like it enough to eat the leftovers the next day. I thought it was good and something I would definitely try again. Anyway over all we had a great weekend and tonight I think I will start a Spaghetti Roast. MMM, my favorite.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Husband Tag

What is his name? Charles Lawson but we all call him Charlie

How long have you been married? 41 days

How long did you date? Just a little over 4 months

How old is he? 29

Who eats more? umm....we both love our food, he usually finishes his and then eats my left overs the next day. But he burns it off faster than I do.

Who is taller? He is.

Who has more speeding tickets? Well since he drives like an old lady, I do. If they gave tickets out for driving the slowest he would have his license suspended.

Who is more sensitive? Him. I don't let too much get to me, I think they may change soon.

Who mows the lawn? We don't have one.

Who said I love you first? I did. He thought it was kinda fast.

Who is smarter? Charlie has this ability to do all math in his head in like 2.2 seconds. He knows a lot about a lot of things. I have more street smarts.

Who does the laundry? He does. He is home during the day and doesn't mind doing it, although I have to remind him to separate my darks and lights.

Who does the dishes? He does. Well if I dirty a plate or cup I just put it in the dishwasher, but he starts it and empties it.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at the bed, Charlie does.

Who pays the bills? Charlie. I am not very good with money. Other peoples money, I am fine, but ours....not so much.

Who cooks dinner? Sadly we eat out way too much. I think we have only cooked maybe three meals at home since we got married. And we both helped. Although he enjoys it more than I do.

Who drives when you are together? He would prefer to drive since I give him a heart attack every time I drive and we end up not talking to each other for the rest of the drive. When he drives I just try to relax and settle in for the long slow stroll.

Who is more stubborn? Me.

Whose parents do you see the most? Mine. Since his mom lives 1100± miles away.

Who proposed? Charlie. Although I think I pushed him to do it sooner than he would have.

Who has more friends? ummm, probably me.

Who has more siblings?Charlie is an only child, so me.

Who wears the pants in the family? I would say him although he does everything I suggest so maybe I do. Man did I get lucky or what.