Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pictures from the last year and a half.

In may I took Sydnee camping in Santa Cruz. She didn't like the sand so much but LOVED playing with her cousins.

In June my parents took all of us to Cancun, minus Charlie (my land lover, sun hater husband)and Sydnee.

In July we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Sydnee loved all the fish.

We even got daddy to stand in the sand.

Then we decided to move to Utah and it was a WHITE winter

And we went to see the pretty lights at Temple Square

Christmas was pretty low key, just our little family of three. Sydnee had a GREAT christmas thanks to Grandma, Papa and Mawma.

In January we went to visit Charlie's old stomping grounds. First stop Cincinnati, then Kentucky and finally Tennessee. Sydnee and mommy got to finally meet Pawpa and GG Lawson.

Charlie's Family home in Cincinnati

Pawpa and GG's house in Tennessee

Pawpa Lawson

GG Lawson

Four Generations of Lawsons

Some GOOD cookin

In March Sydnee turned TWO. We (Sydnee and I) were in California for my friend Jenny's bridal shower and Syd's birthday. She got to spend it with Grandma, Papa and her cousins Hooch and Moose.

Easter was quite to but Sydnee got a guitar which she has wanted since we went to Tennessee and her Uncle Paul and cousin Caleb sang and played the guitar for her.

Her two yr picture. Such character.

Before easter we moved again. Just a bit more south than we were before to a town called Bluffdale. We moved on March 31 and on April 2 while shopping with Sydnee at Target, I bent down to pick something up and blew a disc in my back. I was rushed in for emergency surgery that night. I have made incredible (according to my dr.s) progress for this type of injury. I think it is because I had a goal in mind. See my Sister from another mister, Jenny, was getting married on May 14th and I HAD to walk down that isle as one of her bridesmaids. I wasn't going to miss that for anything in the world. I worked hard and was able to walk the isle and stand for the whole ceremony with out my cane. Here are some fun pictures form the party.

With that I will end this LONG over due post. Hope you enjoyed.


Derek and Amber said...

This post may seem a little weird to you... but I'm so glad to hear that you are doing much better. You may not know this but when I first started going to the singles ward (because of you) I regained my testimony and was able to be strong enough to go to church on my own (without my family) and that was because of you and your friendship and example. I know we drifted apart there for a while and then we got too busy once we somewhat reconnected but I feel like you were such a great friend to me. It makes me miss you so much when I think of the fun we had at church and our cruise. I wish you were closer so we could hang out more. Thank you so much for being my friend

Leslie Holt said...

Your daughter is darling as ever and you guys are the cutest little family! Glad you guys are doing well.